Arcade and Tank drive

Can someone please explain to me arcade drive and tank drive and the difference between the two?

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Tank drive uses both joysticks on the controller:
The left joystick controls the left drive motors
The right joystick controls the right drive motors
if you want to turn Left you move the left joystick down and the right joystick up
If you want to go Straight you move both joysticks up

Arcade drive uses one or two joysticks on the controller:
There are two different ways to do it:
One joystick controls both sides of the drive - forward, backward, left, and right.
One joystick controls the forward and backward movements.
And the other joystick controls the turning of the robot.
If you move the joystick to the left it turns the robot left
If you move the joystick up the robot drives forward

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You can also do it one more way which is one stick is forward and backward and then the other one is turning right and left


I like this way the best. Even though I know arcade drive on one stick would be better because you could use the other stick for more movement, but that’s just what I’m used to.

True, I will edited my post

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