Arcade Block Code


I feel the need to program my own arcade block so i can do trims and scales and the like in the firmware. Can I get access to the code inside the arcade block to use as a starting point?

Thanks in advance for any help.

-Al G.

Here is some sample code:

//Get data from joysticks
moveValue = ((int)GetRxInput(port, moveChannel)) - 127;
rotateValue = ((int)GetRxInput(port, rotateChannel)) - 127;

//Mix the motor values
rightMotorValue = moveValue + rotateValue;
leftMotorValue = rotateValue - moveValue;

//Write those values to the Motors
SetMotor(leftMotor, pwmLimit(leftMotorValue + 127));
SetMotor(rightMotor, pwmLimit(rightMotorValue + 127));

Thanks for that snippet; that will certainly get me going.