Arcade Style Driving programming

One of the things my team learned this year is that there are opportunities to improve even when it comes to the controller. When one of the designer/builders had to step up to drive they found a problem… she’s left handed and the controller was only set up for a right handed person. It was fairly east to duplicate the button functions and since it was tank style drive that was fine to.

But it go me thinking… if they choose arcade style driving, is there a way to make it ambidextrous? That is allow either stick to be used to drive?

We used graphic C this past year and not sure what we’ll be using next year.


What did you need to change about tankdrive for a lefty?

Anyway, can assign a button to toggle single arcade to left or right joy. Or have first touch decide. Having both joys working could be done, use larger values, but I think confusing…

2 joy arcade has been working well after they get used to it, I hadn’t thought of reversing that (I am very lefty).

Nothing, that’s why I said “If they went to arcade style”
(edited to add… they didn’t need to change tank drive. They did have buttons for raising & lowering the 4 bar and opening and closing the claw that they mirrored.)

Our season ended with the US Open. I was doing a retrospective with the kids and the need to make the controller ambidextrous came up. I was looking into the future and wondering “what if…”

Thanks for the input. A button to toggle seems pretty straight forward