Arcade vs tank

I think that tank is best if you want more control. This is because you have direct control of the motor power, however it is harder to use than arcade. It all comes down to if you want more control, or easier driving.

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Tank allows you to make weirder turns and is more intuitive, I feel it is superior for this game especially.

I feel like tank is more versatile aka better. I know teams though that have had success with arcade.

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I feel like this is a joke, but I’m not getting it lol. It seems like a funny one though. Although it could also not be a joke

Honestly, the best way to maximize your buttons is to attach a second controller. Once you start getting too many buttons it starts becoming too much for one driver to reliably and effectively control. Especially when in-match adrenaline kicks in. At some point the complexity of driving the bot necessitates division of labor (and even without two joysticks, best practice is that the person operating the 'bot is not also looking at the rest of the field for next moves).

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one thing I would not do is to use the buttons to drive lol. my sister team back in ms used the 4 buttons on the back to drive, I tried it out and it was so impossible to control.


My team just has two buttons to switch between arcade and tank drive so that the driver’s can choose.

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That sounds so hard to control and the best thing ever to code :smiley::smiley:

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So let me clear up a few things. Every control you get from tank is possible to replicate with arcade if you program it correctly. Sure it will take longer for a driver to learn how to get these finer movements, but arcade is a much more fluid control system if you get what I mean.

How can you program arcade to swing turn without being difficult to use?

You simply allow for turning and driving forward at the same time.

It all depends on the driver. if the driver is a speedy or less accurate driver, arcade. if you drive slow and steady, tank; only because you can control both sides of the base simultaneously. but arcade is definitely easier to learn and was probably better for turning point b/c u needed quick movement instead of accurate movement. but if u are already used to arcade from last year, i would not switch b/c arcade can be pretty much just as accurate. honestly it doesn’t matter that much; the best driver will always end up winner regardless of the type of control, in my opinion.

I used the triggers to drive just to try it before. It was super choppy to control. If I did it again, I would want to have an internal numerical stacker in the code to speed up/slow down, and just a button to reset to 0.

Just saying - on the cortex controllers, you could modify a claw grip to have both joysticks with your thumbs, all 8 pad buttons with your index fingers, and then all the shoulder buttons using your third and fourth finger. I don’t think this is possible with v5.

Edit: here’s a link to a quick video I made showing it off when I first discovered it. You’ll probably also see us use it in our reveal - our scraper is linked to 7U, and we drive tank/split arcade.

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