Does anyone use pure arcade as their way of driving? As in when 1 joystick controls all of the driving.
Is there any advantage to this over split arcade and tank drive?
My teammates says that it is simply and intuitive but I think tank is the easiest.

We only use arcade because that’s what our main driver prefers. Ultimately, it’s probably best to go with the opinion of whoever’s driving so they can perform their best.

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I personally think that tank style or split arcade are better. With single stick arcade, your driver could slip and accidentally turn when he didn’t want to. However, with arcade, you can use the other stick to control something else. Not sure what you’d use this for, but could be useful for something.

Split arcade is easy to learn and eliminates the chance of this. You can also control an X-drive or Mecanum drive easier with this.

Tank drive is a bit harder to learn, but has a lot more versatility and if your driver practices it, they can control the robot a lot better than any of the arcade versions.

It’s up to the driver really, because they’re the one driving the robot. It’s mostly just their preference.

Also, in the future, try naming your topic something a bit clearer so people understand what it will be about. The name arcade makes it a bit unclear what the topic is about.

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I use arcade drive because it puts all the controls on one stick and that it is just how I always drove in video games.

I personally don’t think one drive type is better than the other. They both have their benefits and downsides.


I coded ours so we could switch between split arcade and tank control, but I’m not the driver

This year we are going with a tank drive but that is beaches we have to due to the ability we have to strafe

Theres no real reason to use single stick arcade. If there was a good reason, it would be solved better by the partner controller.

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A good reason for using arcade is if you want to use the other joystick for something else, this is especially good for turret bots.

Plus, never use another partner, it requires more communication and more synchronization, which just makes it harder.


just make it have aimbot

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Our team’s working on that rn
Odometry is difficult, takes too much space, and confusing, but gps is expensive and gps tape isn’t rq’ed on match fields yet soo…
(totally didn’t make code for gps aimbot w/o having a gps)
We are basically stuck

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We use single stick arcade (control forward, back, turn left, turn right) for our tank drive (3 wheels on each side of the drive base). This allows for only one thumb to be used up driving the robot. This means that you can use all the other buttons other than the arrow buttons, without taking your thumb off the drive stick, meaning that you can control your robot at all times. I used to prefer tank controls, but I learned to drive with arcade for the advantage of more button accessibility.