Archived Online Challenges - previous years

Is there an archive of Online Challenge entries/winners from previous years? I found this thread from 2011, but the link takes you to the Online Challenge winners of this year only. Now that we’ve (finally) bought some C-channel and HS chain, there was a drive train from the Exothermics of last year that I wanted to show to the team, but I can’t locate it. But it would also be good to have links to the winners of previous years for the cumulative learning in general.

We keep them all online, but some are missing because the contestant deleted their user account. You can see every online challenge entry ever except for those.

Thanks! Would it be possible to “sticky” this link, as I would not have known where to find it? Also, for record-keeping purposes, I noticed that a number of challenges have 0 under # of entries, but there actually are quite a few entries that show up when you check out the links.

This link deserves a sticky! Lots of great resources here and easy to navigate. Thanks!