Are 2 ENs per team legal?

So my team is considering splitting into 2 different build teams to prototype, to lessen corona risk by working in small build teams.

Can 2 different build teams (of the same team) turn in 2 independent EDPs (and therefore ENs) of the same overarching team? Like build team A would have their notebook and build team B would have their notebook and then we’d slap 'em in a binder and turn it in?

Is that even legal? From what I read, the rubric doesn’t really cover this.

Thanks for your help and stay safe!

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Legal? Yes. Good idea? Not really. As a judge you’d have to read through two design processes in two different notebooks, and that’s not really ideal.


You might want to instead make the EDP for the robot you use the main section of the notebook, and put the other EDP in an appendix.


This is very similar to what we did last year, except on a larger scale.

When I was a part of 3674R in TVA, we took part in a TVA program called the “Innovation Development Project” (IDP, for short) which had a purpose of finding the “Meta” as quickly as possible. (And to clarify, this project was an opportunity for teams to accelerate their competitiveness beyond what they can, through development with 20+ students around the world). The main objective was to find one single robot design that would be competitive, and while developing we thought it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to split up builds into two designs that will be tested, to find the better of the two. And because we split up designs, eventually we perfected both designs that the design we started out with ended up being no better than the other as a final result. So what would this mean? We wasted time, and probably would’ve had an extremely competitive robot in 1/2 the time if we all just worked together. That being said, I believe the best and cost efficient matter with what you have would be making one single robot and perfecting it, or use CAD software in a video call.

I also want to clarify that this IDP program was disbanded because it did not perform how we wished it to, and also because we did not believe in the ethics of the IDP.

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