Are 3-wire y-splitter cables still legal?

My team would like to use y-splitter cables for pneumatic solenoids because we keep burning out 3-wire port expanders. Is this legal, and does it work with the smc products?

Just to confirm, this is a Y-splitter cable, correct?

If so, I’m pretty sure they are legal as I saw at a local high school tourney that some teams had been using them.

I’m pretty sure this is legal because they are still being sold on the website. However, I do not know if they work with the SMC products, but, theoretically, they should work.


No, not quite. That is a t-fitting. See @ezl 's post, that is the right one.

The Vex 3 Wire Y-splitter is V5 Legal as it has the V5 Product tag. SMC solenoids use Solenoid Driver cables that Vex sells there version of them that converts them from a 2 wire into a 3 wire using a custom electronics board. All a Y-splitter does is split the direction of a signal in half. I have tested and have been able to get a Y-splitter to control two Solenoids.