Are 3d printed license plate holders legal at v5 worlds

We were wondering if we could 3d print license plate holders for worlds

Rule R7 should answer that.


As long as you follow rule R9 and R24, yes

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We were given the OK for states, I’m hoping it will be the same for worlds, its not functional parts, but I reprinted mine in black and silver to so it doesnt look like our plates.

Do you have a good file for it?

This is a good one, it’s kinda big though. VEX Quick-Flip License Plate Holder by Ryan_Bodhipaksha - Thingiverse

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Is it vex legal both sides show?

What file did you use?

The license plate comes with a blocker from behind. You will need 2, one on each side of your robot. Each one will have both colors that you can flip around.

I can confirm that this plate holder works well as I’ve had a team use it for 2 seasons. I’ve also had teams use this one VEX License Plate Holder - Slide and Flip by Evansphysics - Thingiverse. (It has lots of mounting options.)

The one that was posted from thingiverse by @EcstaticPilot

This is not legal due to it showing both sides of the license plate, unfortunately. You can cover up the other side with tape but we used this and were forced to use tape.

Not entirely accurate…

You are correct that the back of the plate must be shielded from view. The robot itself may do that (or may not). The plate bracket that @EcstaticPilot linked to includes a thin shield that you can print and mount behind the bracket to hide the back of the plate.

At Inspections, I’ve both passed and failed robots that used this bracket without the shield… it all depends on what can be seen from the other side.


I’ve had my kids use the shields no matter what, its just better that way. I’ll be printing these for every season from here on out, its so much easier than trying to use those clips.

I used this and they still told us it was illegal unless we used tape because you could see it at the top.

I am sorry you had a bad experience with inspection. A lot of times inspector are relatively new to the process and working through what they have been told to look for. You can ask the Head Referee for their opinion and they may go your direction.


Put a small strip of tape at the tops

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I would have done this, but sadly I was not at this competition due to having the flu. I wasn’t aware of the issue until after the event. I have made my own in which you have to drill your own holes, but it prints and works well.
Greg license plate holder.stl (23.4 KB)

@Syborgz_6047S what type of tape?

Any tape that is not clear or red/blue should work as it is decorative.

The need to cover the edges will depend upon what inspector you get. I had one team at worlds that was told to tape their plate edges, while another wasn’t. Afterwards, I paid attention to it during matches and saw plenty of robots with the edges of plates showing.

The rule and corresponding note leave this nuance open to the interpretation of the inspector/head ref.