Are all states represented?

I was able to get some VEX teams, both Middle School and High School, started in Delaware. Are there any other states that don’t have teams, or was the “1st State” the last state?

Well, there’s several Mountain states (mountain time) that I’ve never heard of VEX teams being in.
-i.e. Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, etc.

For the past 3 years 4886 has been the only team in Vermont, but we are finally getting more teams!

You can research this yourself:

The answer to Foster’s question is that Alaska was the last of the 50 states to get a registered VRC team. I’m pretty sure that the 2012-2013 club includes Wyoming, Delaware, Montana and Alaska.

I wasn’t able to make the map work to show where teams are. It says loading data, but never completes.

Same for me. i guess that too many are looking at information at the same time.:frowning:

Our Robot Events system moved to a new hosting site this week and it looked like the team map search was broken in the process. I will report it to the support folks. Check back this week – it was working before the move.

This has been fixed … there was an error when recreating the team view.

Thanks to the RobotEvents staff for keeping their data public.

The map viewer seems to be slow when loading all the teams in the USA, would it be possible to generate text instead of draw a map ?

Similar to

Thanks !

Just so everyone knows, if you scroll down below the map you have a list of events in the event view, and a list of teams in the team view.

Team map does not show US only teams for me, but the team list did appear.

And yes, all the states, including Delaware, are finally on there.

And for what it’s worth, there are now 10 Vermont teams, so banditofernando, nice work on getting other teams to sign up!!! :rolleyes:

Yay! I love that VEX is growing in Vermont! Maybe soon we won’t need to wake up at 6 am and travel for 2 hours just to get to a competition :stuck_out_tongue: Plus now we can travel to the newly started teams and teach them the fundamentals of VEX!