Are cable sheathes legal

Would it be legal to use braided nylon sheathes for the cables? I would guess so, under nonfunctional decoration, but I’ve never seen this done before.

They are legal, I’ve seen many teams use them to organize and manage cables.

From the Robot rules

So if this braided nylon is commercially available, you may use it for the sole purpose of bundling or wrapping wires and cables…

Yeah, they are legal as they come under R7J and may only be used for wiring purposes.

Here are some examples of their use.


That is the smallest drive size I’ve ever seen on an internal stacker… Whoever made that is amazing.

it’s 25 wide and @proto made it. I still ree at him for the 25-wide, but the robot is a snack

It gets even better…



Are the new RJ-11 cables 28 or 26 AWG and is it stranded or solid core? I will buy a bulk roll and wanted to match it.

@Kevin they told us repeatedly that any non vex cables wouldn’t be competition legal, and they aren’t rj-11 cables, they’re not standard wires. Plus the wire you can buy wouldn’t have the V5 logo stamped into them, making them non-competition legal.

Any cable stock you get for V5 motor outside from VEX will not be competition legal.


@9065_Parker The V5 cables are a different type of standard cable.

yes. But the point doesn’t change <R16> makes it illegal to use.