Are Caps Even Viable as a Scoring Method?

I’m from a team in Arkansas and I haven’t seen any cap robots here. Well not one that can put them on posts. Most of the teams in my state that I have seen so far are all using flywheels or punchers to toggle flags and just using some other method to flip caps on the ground. I’ve seen some robots that are built to stack but they didn’t do too well when up against flag toggling robots. So like has anyone seen cap stackers face flag togglers and win? Need to know before we decide to go for a lift vs a descorer.

Maybe @[TVA]Connor or @Tim1814D might have some insights. They have the best cap robot I have seen.

Connor has since destroyed their cap bot and built a shooting bot, you might want to consult them on that decision if you want some extra insight.

From my experience so far with cap bots vs. shooter bots this season, cap bots are also much harder to perfect compared to a shooter.

Oof. I didn’t know that. I’ll be sure to ask about that.

I see stacking caps as a highly inefficient this year. Flipping caps is easy, as you can just use your intake and it doesn’t take much time. Stacking caps takes too long, and they are far too easy to descore. Flag bots are generally faster due to the decreased weight, and it is faster to score than trying to line up the perfect cap.

That is exactly what I’ve seen so far this season.

I dont think doing caps is completely hopeless. A cap bot should be able to score high caps which in most cases are untouchable points for two shooter bots. Even when considering this I still think the world champions for instance will be two shooter bots (dont even have to have descorers) and a small chance of a shooter bot cap bot combo. The latter is only possible if the cap bot is resistant to defense.

I agree, high stacked caps have been near untouchable from what I’ve seen. However, they still take valuable time.

Another issue to consider is that of defense. It’s much easier to defend against the scoring of caps by area control and pushing robots out of the way. In addition, descoring high score caps requires only a small investment of an arm, while descoring flags requires investing in a whole shooter

Especially for flywheels, flag bots get much more discretion in where they position themselves to score flags. If your launcher is powerful enough and the defense is aggressive, you can just shoot from the backfield, while that is less of an option for cap bots.

caps are a viable scoring option this isn’t often seen though do to the fact that a duel shooter will beat a duel cap bot almost every time however a cap bot flag bot combo will do really good but the flag bot has to hold it own until the cap bot has three or four caps on the post. After that the cap bot becomes a defense trying to turn the match into a 1v1 leaving the remaining the remaining opponent to chose between de-scoring and competing for the flags.

short answer: double ball catapult master race.

I am a cap-only robot and have won my first two tournaments, the third tournament lost finals by 2 points because of a faulty custom-length cable. After fixing the problem, I then won 2 more tournaments. My record currently is 4-1 in terms of tournament wins and losses. We don’t do too well in qualifications generally because we are a cap bot, but we dominate in eliminations.

Am I correct in saying you rebuilt for a shooter? Or did you take apart Delta 4 for a slightly different design?

I haven’t seen many robots winning via caps, but then again, I’ve barely seen any robots scoring caps. Of the ones that do score caps, very few have any of their caps descored. I think there was a wild undervaluing of caps that went on in the preseason that has influenced the designs we’ve been seeing. I’m refereeing another one this Saturday, so we’ll see if anything is changing strategically here in WA as the season continues.

I agree here. The tournaments I have been at have all had cap scorers greatly undervalued. In our finals match our cap robot was able to score all of the caps. The caps are still valuable!

What I gather is that he built (or is building) a shooter solely for skills scores. He says That he will take that shooter to a competition or two mainly to compete in skills for the higher point possibility as compared to the maximum for caps.

not in socal anyway. I’ve been to 5 comps, and not one match have I had a cap end on a post.

I will maybe be building a second shooter robot with V4 for skills at one comp but I will most likely never rebuild.