Are Clipboards Allowed In The Arena?

I was just wondering if our team were allowed to bring a clipboard into the arena with us during matches.

Also, our team allowed walky talkies in the arena or not.

I have searched the forum and the official rules, but I cannot find an answer to either of these questions. Could anybody clear it up for me?


See this thread re walky talkies, a similar question from last year.

There is no rule against having a clipboard, so I assume it is legal.

Thanks a lot jperman that was very helpfull, do u have any idea why it is illegal because I am still struggling to find a rule…

My assumption is that having communications outside of your alliance station would effectively allow more than one coach thereby gaining the team an advantage.

These would seem to be the applicable rules.

Coaching the team from outside the alliance station either by radio or shouting instructions is not allowed.

Really? I saw plenty of people shouting instructions to their teams at Worlds, and they were not penalized.

Well it’s a really hard rule to enforce, especially at an event the size of Worlds. To just be on the safe (and professional) side, it would be best to avoid shouting instructions from the stands. It also ruins the spectating experience for others in the stands.

Besides that, it’s not good to rely on shouted instructions. I was a drive coach with the same drive team for all of Gateway and know that drive teams have enough to focus on without trying to decypher shouted comments from spectators: driving and listening to a coach’s (shouted) instructions is enough for a driver to handle, and coach(es) have enough to focus on without worrying about decyphering what spectators have to say and acting on what they hear. Drive teams should focus on being self-contained during matches even if they could hear what spectators are saying.

I have to agree, i mean there is nothing worse than having two different commands shouted at a driver. Example: Coach: “Go block the opponent from scoring their doubler”. Someone in the stands “Negator! Negator! Negator!”. This is going to confuse the driver and he/she could end up making the wrong decision. Thats why its a bad choice to have people in the stand shout commands…

Next year, almost all of our team will be in the school’s marching band, where we will learn how to tune distractions out completely. I suspect this will help us to ignore shouted instructions.