Are controllers with paddles legal in viqc

I’m wondering if you could use 3d printed paddles on the vex IQ controllers and would it be legal in competition.

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You’d need an official Q&A response via the Robot Events forum to be sure. It doesn’t appear to be expressly forbidden in the rules and in the past, this has been ruled legal for VRC.

FYI people call them scuff controllers

i belive i saw teems useing them before no one stoped them

Yes, in edr, however the question is if they are legal in iq

i know i saw them in iq it was a rather messy tournament but still i dont think it will be a problem

Sorry, my bad on the assumption.

your good

i’m wondering if scuff controllers are legal in vex iq and i can’t find any rules against it

I don’t think they are legal in vex iq, because Iʻve never seen any IQ teams using scuffs on their controllers.

There’s already a topic that discusses this

he knows @ajw98 started both for some reason??

Ah okay I see now.
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FYI, you can change the name of the topic.

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