Are Cortex Parts compatiable with V5 parts?

So my team has been trying to use parts such as the claw but could not find any durable metal ones. The Cortex claw is a metal one, however, and it would be preferable to use it. Build parts from Cortex would also be useful. I found that the shafts are compatible with IQ V5 and Cortex. Are the claw and such from Cortext also compatible with V5?

Yes, they are compatible. The shafts are the same and will fit in a v5 motor.


You can use Cortex and V5 parts together just as long as you don’t use and electronics from cortex as found in Section 3: R6b of the rules.

You can use sensors from cortex, just not the motors


Or controllers (20 characters)

You are allowed to use any part with the V5 logo on it where it says what it is compatible with. Also any part with that logo will be compatible with the V5 System

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