Are divisional assignments for LRT worlds posted yet?

when i go to and click on “find your division” it redirects me here: Register for Live Remote VEX Worlds 2021 - REC Foundation and if you click on the “find your division” button in the bottom of that page it directs me to the same page I was on

What you are looking for is the sub-division assignments, I don’t think it’s out yet.

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yes but @Brad_Lauer said they would be released today right?

Someone very wise once told me “Be Patient”


But but but Hao needs to know


VRC disvision assigments are out.


Engineering looks stacked


62A in both LRS Mercury and LRT Technology B Division lmao

Is VIQC LRS all lumped in one division? Or no info on that yet?


I didn’t think that was allowed - to play in both LRT and LRS?

The REC Foundation invited VRC LRS teams to register for VRC LRT two days prior to close of registration. We did this to balance the divisions. There was a small window to do this and it was “first come, first accepted.”


Where are the VRC middle School Match schedules?

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If you download the worlds app you can see it there.


The worlds app didnt tell me anything i didnt already know. and i still cant find the match lists

Once you sign into the lrt software with a competing team your matches are shown. This is the only way we were able to see when one of our teams was competing.

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Any chance you can post a screen shot of where you are seeing this, as I looked on the LRT and didn’t see anything. Thanks!