Are EDR drive shafts an IQ-cross-listed part?

Just wondering if the steel drive-shafts for IQ (example: are a cross-listed product for EDR and IQ. As a club, we order standard shaft lengths for EDR and cut them to the Vex IQ – available sizes. I take it that it is the length that matters for legal IQ play, and that the drive-shafts for EDR and IQ are made of the same “stuff”, i.e. zinc-plated steel. Just asking as the rules for Vex IQ competition state:

“Products from the VEX EDR or VEXpro product line cannot be used for robot construction. Products from the VEX product line that are also cross listed as part of the VEX IQ product line are legal.”

In summary: Can we cut an EDR drive shaft to one of the IQ-specified lengths, rather than order another one of the pre-cut packs from the IQ store?

Yes, in the interest of convenience for our teams and ease of the inspection process, this is legal.