Are High Speed Motors Smart This Year?

Most robots at the In the Zone, in my opinion, will be picking up a mobile goal and carrying it with them. This seems like a given until you consider the effects and additional 3.7lbs will have on a robot’s motors, especially if a team is attempting to use high-speed motors. Is it possible to have this much-added weight onto a robot, using high-speed motors, without those motors browning out – or will we all result to either not picking up the goal and having a faster robot, or picking it up and using standard motors?

Well, for a short answer, it depends on your bot, it’s weight, number of drive motors you’re using, etc.
For a long answer, a lot of internal stackers in Indiana at least (bots that carry the mobile goal) are doing about 6 high speed motors on their drive, on average. If I had to give you a weight, I would say about 12 or 14 pounds on average for them. For my bot I’m using turbo and it’s working fine so far. However, I’m also doing an 8 motor drive and the whole robot is probably going to weigh about 10 pounds when I’m done with it.
But it really depends on your robot. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Just putting this out there, I have two torque gear sets on my mobile goal lift, two speed sets on my main lift and the rest are all turbo
as long as you have 6 motors on your drive turbo should be fine with a mid-average weight bot, but if you stay light you could potentially get away with 4 motors(though i wouldn’t recommend it even if you can, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do it)
(edit - this is assuming 4" omni wheels for the drive)