Are Mecanums Bumpy?

I’ve been seeing people saying that mecanums are bumpy and that’s one of their down falls but when looking at an image if it from the side it’s clear that’s it wouldn’t be bumpy.

I’m assuming this started because of the custom mecanums team 44 made.

These wheels would be bumpy as they don’t have rollers shaped in a way that would make a perfect circle.


very unlikely. no one uses those


I was talking about someone saying they would be bumpy never said anything about someone using them. I assumed someone said those mecanums would be bumpy and someone thought that meant all mecanums.

i mean i think it’s fair to consider it a pretty big assumption you made based off one person if that’s what this whole thread is abt. idk a single person who’s called mecs bumpy before and i dont see any reason why they would be lol

In a perfect world, these mecanums would not be bumpy at all. (You said it yourself, the orthographic projection looks perfectly round.)

However, when driving, there will always be a bit of slop on the mecanum wheels, and at some points they are supported by a roller contacting the ground far to one side of the wheel. This means that the wheel will always wobble slightly.

So that’s why people think mecanum wheels are bumpy. It doesn’t have to do with 44’s wheels, just that most implementations of mecanums really are bumpier than omnis.


I’ve used mecanums a few times, and while their is a slight amount of vibration it’s not really noticeable when driving, and never affected the accuracy and consistency of my autonomous.