Are notebooks required to be bound?

I was at a competition this last weekend ( Jan 7th ) and at the beginning of driver meeting they announced that they would not be conducting individual presentations because of the amount of teams at the competition but they rather would have people turn in their notebooks so they could be evaluated. Then the top 25 teams with the best notebooks would be interviewed at their pits. Time passed and multiple people had been judged but us so we asked if we were in the top 25 teams ( Assuming we were because we had just won the excellence award a couple weeks prior with the same notebook ) but they would not answer us. At the beginning of finals the head judge came to our table and asked to see our notebook remembering that we had asked about being in the top 25. He then proceed to tell us that they had not looked at our notebook or any other binders because in the rules it states that the notebooks had to be bound notebooks to qualify for any award. Me and my team have searched for the rule that states that the notebook “MUST be bound” for a couple of days now but we have found nothing. Knowing that the tournament was ran by the same people that are running our state competition I would like to know if this is a rule and if so where can I find it?

Thanks, Eli 8931B

This is similar to an earlier question [ regarding submission of electronic notebooks.

The judge guide includes the guidelines given to judges and the Design Rubric used to evaluate notebooks.

In general it is preferred that notebooks be bound and hand written. All pictures, CAD drawings or computer code should be pasted onto pages as they are developed. Each page should be dated and signed. Notebooks are to be student produced.