Are omni-wheels allowed this year?

I’ve been told omni wheels aren’t allowed this year. Is that true?

No They are a allow this year if they weren’t I wouldn’t have put them on my to robot this year.

Whoever told you that is a not correct. Come from me, a person that has been doing this for 3 year I have experience this before.

Where in the rules says that Omni wheels are not allowed, if that’s what you think you should read them, whoever told you must of also gotten them from the rules.

This question arises because Omni wheels were inadvertently left off the legal parts list (however, they were not placed on the illegal parts list). There is currently an official Q&A which should fix the legality of Omni wheels. Until then, rest assured, they will be declared legal.


Here’s the question in the official Q&A

I’m sure omni wheels are OK. I’ve seen a response on the forums there that all parts starting with 228 are legal for use. Sorry too lazy to do a search. :slight_smile:

Not quite true. There are lots of parts starting with 228 listed in the illegal parts appendix - mostly the field parts and game objects from previous years.

The legal parts appendix also says:

In general, any parts that are released in VEX IQ or VEX Robotics by HEXBUG kits that are not found in this document would be considered legal for use.

which seems to clearly indicate that the omni wheels are legal for use even though they’re not included in the legal parts appendix.

For exactly this reason, it seems a bit odd to me to publish both a legal and illegal parts appendix - they could just publish the illegal one and say “any VEX IQ or VEX by Hexbug part not in this appendix is legal for use.” But, I do understand why they publish both - it’s nice for teams that are unsure about a specific part to get positive confirmation that it’s legal for use.


Either way, I would start of with Omni wheels. If it’s illegal(which it most likely isn’t)then the most you would have to do is change the wheels (which is pretty easy in edr and should be easier in iq). It might change ur auton a little bit, but that just requires minor adjustments.

Thanks @dhmmjoph for the correction!