Are Online Challenge winners announced at Worlds?

I just wanna know where Online Challenge winners will be announced, if they are. If someone can answer that would be great :)))

(it’s really 2023 despite saying 2022)


Sorry; wasn’t specific enough. Will they be publicly announced at Worlds? I’m kinda confused because my online challenge description (Onshape) says “ALL winners will be featured on the REC Foundation and Onshape websites and will be featured at the 2023 VEX Robotics World Championship”. I dont really know what they mean by this because I looked at last years Worlds livestream and they werent announced.


Congratulations on the win. The submissions in that challenge looked great!!

Last year, many winners received recognition during their division finals. A couple of challenges, community and girl powered (?), were given out during opening ceremonies. As I recall, there were lists of winners in the livestream during finals. Maybe someone else remembers better than I do, but I’m pretty sure that’s what happened last year. If you knew the winner of your award from last year, check out the stream of their division finals to see if I’m right.


Thank you! I will check

I was a division manager. The online challenge trophies were presented to teams in each division during the division awards ceremony. Some divisions had multiple winners, others had none.