Are Pneumatics In the Zone

So I’ve been thinking about this whole passive active intake and I think I’ve seen someone with a solution- what if you used pneumatics on your adjustment arm and your intake? This would allow an active intake as well as a fast chainbar, and still only use the equivalent of two motors.

I have not seen this done anywhere, but I think it could be doable. I would be worried about air though. with 2 cylinders using only one stroke each per cone, you are limited to only 30 safe usable cycles. If you need a third cylinder (2chb + 1int) then you might only get 20 cycles safely. This doesn’t account for missing or dropping cones. I would not want to be limited to X number of attempts, especially if X if that low as we approach the late season here.

Naw. You really need every single one of your motors.

I agree. I just saw somebody using a pneumatic chainbar and though it was an interesting design.

If you weren’t limited to two tanks of air like previous years, it would probably be doable.

like @Dokkaebi said, you really need every one of your motors. even if you were only using 9 or 10, adding another motor or two to your drive or lift will be better than having a couple extra pneumatic gadgets.

how does one have a pneumatic chain bar?

Our team is currently running a pneumatic mobile goal lift which works quite well, especially for skills.

I currently have a pneumatic stacker on mine so it was probably me who you saw, it was pretty bad at the last tournament but I’ve been able to work it out on my new bot and it’s very fast and I have plenty of air. I would recommend it but it is hard to tune and make air efficient.

Yeah, you guy’s bot was the bot that got me thinking about pneumatics. I’m wondering if maybe you could use the same way you guys power your chainbar to power a circular mg lift. That could turn out to be pretty effective. You guys going to the Battle at Boondocks?

Ya we will be there

It is possible to do