Are ports 4 and 10 to still be avoided by encoders?

There was some discussion last year about ports 4 and 10 not being useable for encoders:

I was just wondering if this is still true even with the latest version of RobotC.

I also found this link, which provides some information:

If I’m reading (and remember) this correctly the problem is not with ports 4 and 10, it’s when you try to use BOTH 4 and 10 for encoders.

It’s a hardware issue not a RobotC issue.

correct. or for ultrasonic sensor input.

Ok, thanks. I only wish there were some kind of warning label about it, like what they put on cigarettes, or that RobotC, etc. might provide a little flag when you configure it that way.

ROBOTEER GENERAL’S WARNING: Using ports 4 and 10 for encoders and/or ultrasonic sensors causes great anguish and head-scratching, and may complicate your build. ROBOTEER GENERAL’S WARNING: Quitting using ports 4 and 10 simultaneously for ultrasonic and/or encoder input will save great quantities of man hours.