Are pushbots viable for early competitions?

I’m new to VEX and was wondering (because we have hardly any time to our first competition) if a pushbot would work in early competitions. Obviously this depends on if we get picked, but what would the optimal pushbot design be for this game if it’s main focus is to push? What are the best options (like wedges, 2 motor scoring or descoring mechanisms, drivetrain type and gearing, etc…)?

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What I would recommend for teams that do not have a ton of time is a robot like this one: Screenshot (2)


I would do an 8 motor bling drive with a wedge on the front and sides. A 257 in drive on 4 in wheels would most likely to be fast enough to catch up with most of the offensive bots since there is more than enough torque with 8 motors. If you find it necessary to descore, I would just have a stick that deploys in the back to be able to reach into the goals to descore. It would be best to have a very short robot so you can potentially ramp people on the top of your robot. A lot of weight would help with traction so using steel everywhere as well as having tank-like panels to help with impact.


viable? no… you won’t win much unless everyone else is absolute garbage

as for doing it for fun? sure, go for it. would probably feel good to get those 1 or 2 wins against actual bots with nothing more than a push bot


Why do I kind of want to do this now…


What if a good team recognises it (I’ve seen it happen before) and picks you for alliance selection (early season obviously), it could work?

Are wedges that can get under the opponent and almost (not fully) tip them over legal, as long as they don’t get tipped or entangled?

anything can happen, it’s just not likely

i would never intentionally pick a dedicated push bot, no matter how early the season it is


your answer here is yes


With that design showed in the image, would it be ok not to have the scoring mechanism (the driver would put all of their attention into ramming? Sometimes they might think they’d do better by scoring, but in fact they aren’t?

this isn’t battle bots lol
not being able to score would be pretty detrimental to your team in the alliance selection process, and if that’s what you’re counting on and you can’t score, you’re screwed


You can ram, but you shouldn’t intentionally destroy the other person’s bot, and you can’t pin the opponent.


It depends on your teammate. Last year, sometimes what we would do is our team so stacks of cubes, and our teammate just do defense. It really depends on who you are up against and who your teammate is. (correct me if I’m wrong on that)

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Yes, but the opponent wouldn’t be able to score, so it’s a 1v1 (it depends on whose teammate is better (and the pushbot would target the better opponent, which means that your opponent would be hard to beat but not impossible)

This was my attitude until I competed in a tourney last October for TT. I was literally the only consistent stacker and with no unprotected zone d enforced, I picked the best pushbot to avoid being pushed lol.

But yeah I would always pick a competent offensive bot over D bots, assuming there ARE other competent offensive bots at early comps


But a really good defence bot is wayyy easier to build than a really good offensive bot + where I’m from, the early comps are really easy

Yeah that’s fine. Doesn’t change the fact that good offensive bots are typically WAY better than defensive bots. Exceptions are strong dedicated wall bots, but those are often not present at early season comps anyhow.


Any other design tips for a push bot?

Use the 5 second pinning rule religiously not a building tip but just advice


you’re making this claim under a premise that may not actually hold to reality; most of the time, push bots are just a nuisance, and don’t actually have the ability to really restrict a decent team. with that said, im sure it’s possible you can make a push bot that does its job, assuming you know what you’re doing

imma be honest i have yet to face a push bot that restricted my team to the point that we couldn’t score and keep the lead- and we’ve faced our fair share of push bots

either way it’s up to you to do what u want. if u wanna make a push bot make a push bot