Are Scrimmages Important?

Are scrimmages important? thanks

Scrimmages are very beneficial, they help you see how your robot actually performs in competition while being a low priced (or free) and low stakes event. It is always good to practice, but a scrimmage adds a level of competitiveness that pushes you a bit farther.

Stick time is always good. Actual driving around gets you a different view of your robot and its abilities. Practicing with people actively trying to stop you is way different than a clean field.

More stick time == better drivers in the long run

Good opponents == experience on what to do and what not to do & ideas on robot designs you may need to change

But it’s better to have something that qualifies you for states/province level (unless you have already qualified that is)…

Starting next week we will be into our inter squad scrimmages each Wednesday. We run matches for 4 hours with our 8 teams. Helps the students get used to match schedules and drive time. I also don’t take breaks so if they have a failure they learn to repair on the run like in a tournament setting.

Just like anything in life the more practice you get the better you become!!

Practice makes perfect. Even if the practice field is made of cardboard.:smiley: