Are side rollers usefull???

My team was talking about doing a intake straight to a catapult but I thought about side rollers and if it would be usefull in this compitition.

I have also noticed that some people have brought up side rollers but were ignored or denied as being usefull but with no detail as of why.

I think side rollers are useful for cubes. (based on your intake)

I don’t think they are necessary for stars unless, the star is in the perfect position every time you try to pick one up so the side rollers will reach and be useful.

Actually, no matter the position, the star could just be pulled in. We are going to try and do side rollers and a conveyor belt with mini forks on it.

This early in the season, very few designs such as yours should be immediately shot down. I’d go ahead and prototype side rollers, the design has potential. Try your ideas, you may discover a super efficient design. No need to go based off of everyone’s thoughts, especially if they have no good argument against the idea. In most cases the efficient design is not the obvious or anonymously chosen idea. Go for it. Be the design people shoot down, and then copy later on :stuck_out_tongue:

I would have to agree, never rule out a design. Last year I ruled out the catapult at the start but then it proved one of the best launchers.

I think they would be super useful if they hinged at the back and were held closed using rubber bands. They would need to be set at the same height as the middle of the stars, but luckily that height is always the same, regardless of orientation. The flexibility of the intake should allow you to intake stars from different angles, and if it were geared low enough, it might be able to suck in a cube from its corner, and expand as it does it. Here are some drawings with a cube. Nothing is to scale, but you get the idea.

i think it’s no need for .