Are students allowed to take the free certification course for V5 and iq that VEX provides?

The question is in the title. I was wondering because I want to mentor an elementary school team that is utilizing VEX iq and I want to learn more about VEX V5 to be a more effective member of my team.

If you read this page, you will see that vex programs are for “all users” while the REC certifications have some age restrictions.


Maybe not “braging”, but does indeed seem like you are bragging, while offering no additional info to this topic.

One must understand that in addition to RECF’s own restrictions to its certification programs, there is a legal issue if minors under the age of 13 sign up for an account required for certification. Moreover, if the member is misrepresenting themselves as something they are not, that is an issue of character, or lack thereof.

VEX and RECF are doing a great service providing a breadth of opportunities for all. Let’s not ruin it by bypassing restrictions just because you can. That is why we end up not having nice things.


I am 13 right now so maybe I am fine???

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It depends on the certification. For example, pretty sure 13 year olds can not be certified to be an EP.

Time to move on.


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