Are the cubes 5.5 inches diagonally or 5.5'' cubed?

Are the cubes 5.5 inches diagonally, or is one edge of it 5.5’'?

I am confused since the game manual states: Cube - A hollow plastic cube-shaped object, with an overall object width of 5.5” (139.7mm), that can be
Placed in Towers or Scored in Goal Zones.

5 1/2”. By 5 1/2”. By 5 1/2”.

I believe 5.5" squared.

Appendix A contains detailed, dimensioned drawings of the field and field elements. Looking at page 7, we see that the cubes have a flat-to-flat side length of 5.5" ± 0.1".

maybe 5.5” cubed you could say :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Ok now, where can we buy 5.5 inch cubes?

I’m pretty sure you can find them on the VEX website, too.

Maybe it’s the radius? :grin:

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