Are the fields too weak to properly support the SkyRise posts?

I watched a SkyRise tournament this weekend in which these new, very tall robots were predictably tipping over, falling over, staggering around like drunks in some cases. I noticed that when robots hit the tall posts, the field perimeters would flex quite a bit. Later, I noticed on the practice field that the steel perimeters would flex quite a bit when I pushed (not very hard) on the tall posts.

Is it possible these fields were not assembled correctly? or is it possible that the field perimeter design might require some reinforcements? Based on what I saw this weekend, I can imagine that a robot could cause a number of topped-off posts to lose their cubes if a tall robot were to lean or bang into a tall post. The tall posts act like giant levers.

Has anyone here noticed any such flimsiness in their own fields? And, if so, do you think it will matter to the game and/or survival of the fields?

I noticed this too. It flexed but I did not think that much to destroy it. I think it will affect the robots ability to score autonomously a bit more than the field staying in place.

I think screwing the field down to the floor would help in the rigidity of the walls a bit, but without a raised platform it may be pretty darn hard to do. The schools might get a wee bit cranky if we drill into the gym floors. Just a guess… :stuck_out_tongue:

Carrying around and using a tongue and groove plywood base to set your field on is another option but who wants to do that? It’s almost as much hassle as the raised field. We just moved our raised field and I am not looking forward to moving it again any time soon.

I think the second question is will Vex/RECF screw down the field perimeters to the risers at worlds? You could see different results there - along with the usual differences from new, un-scuffed plastic game elements.