Are there any rules that prohibit the use of awards/ trophies on the robot

I was just wondering because I was looking through the manual and didn’t see anything saying it was illegal but I might have missed something.

Yes - please read the game manual about VEX products that are permissible to use on robots.


Specifically look at R6.h


They would be allowed as non-functional decorations, yes.

You did - it will be in the robot section.


Awards are not a legal VEX V5 part, according to Rule (look at the red box), it says:

Using VEX apparel, competition support materials, packaging, or other non-Robot products on a VEX Robotics Competition Robot goes against the spirit of this rule and is
not permitted.

Awards are a competition support material, and therefore not legal for use on the robot. Here is the current version of the manual:
VRC-SpinUp-GameManual-4.pdf (


I didn’t see anything about that either, I think it might be considered a non-functional decoration.

Never mind what I posted earlier.

I mean I saw some teams with vex IQ awards on their VRC bot

Most likely used as non functional decoration rather than structural support


so the manual states on R6 that " Robots may be built ONLY using official VEX V5 components, unless otherwise specifically noted within these rules" What qualifies as an official VEX V5 component?

Welcome to common knowledge - look on the VEX product pages - if the product page has V5 and VRC legal - you are good to go…

I am a bit surprised this close to end of season this is not common knowledge.

then again, reading Game Manual is not common practice either. :slight_smile: