Are There Discontinued Spacers?

Greetings, my team has run out of spacers! So of course, we have to buy more. We found this page to purchase them. We have multiple 7/8" spacers, but we cannot find them on this page. This team just started last year, so I guess they were discontinued this year? Is there a page for discontinued items? And while we are on the subject, when would you recommend 1/2" Nylon vs 3/8" Nylon spacers?

We buy all our spacer from Compared to vex, you’ll be able to buy so many different lengths and sizes of spacers for your money that you won’t have to limit yourself to either 1/2 or 3/8, you can stock both in your storeroom!


Robosource is definitely the way to go in spacers and screws. They also have some nice tools.


Thanks, I will definitely have to get my teacher to get it from because last time it was recommended for screws but we just got them from for convenience.

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