Are there Inventor versions of the new Vex High Strength parts anywhere?

Do any of the Inventor libraries around here (or “out there”) have the new high strength components built into them? For example, the 1/4" shaft, high strength bearings, etc. ?

Or is there some way to get them by simply telling AutoDesk Inventor to update its files?

I wanted to ask before I started on a library-downloading frenzy. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Just download the STEP files from the bottom of the product pages. Inventor converts them to ipt/iam files so you can use them. Normally the only problem is that if it is an assembly you have to re constrain it, and you have to change the color/material from generic.

Okay, sounds good. I was thinking maybe there was one giant file out there I didn’t know about or maybe there was a way I was supposed to update Inventor. Thanks! :slight_smile: