Are these being discontinued all together or just as sold separately items?

I did not see an announcement about these parts being discontinued. Some seem fairly popular while others seem like a useless body part of a bull.

Are the guessets and slotted metal being discontinued all together or only as separately ordered items? If totally gone, will the kits get a different part as part of the bundle?

I could see why the gussets be sold only together as they could be more costly to package and distribute on their own, but the slotted metal pieces are needed for certain linkage types where the linear motion kit does not work.

Slotted angles:

However these are included in the following:

Gussets being shown as discontinued

Yet still in the following kits:

Yes, we are discontinuing the slotted angles, and gussets as individual products. These items are still included in several of our larger structural kits.

The individual gussets are discontinued, but there is still the gusset pack, which includes a few of each type: