Are tools allowed for use on the robot?

Our team is experimenting with a few mechanisms and we were wondering if we were allowed to use the wrenches as a robot part. Thanks!

No, you aren’t. Here is rule <R5>

Note the emphasis on robot parts. Tools are not robot parts.


This means that my robot that competed in the 2008 World Championship might have, perhaps been… nothing. We did not use the wrench in place of a bar lock to strengthen a gear. That’s nonsense. :wink:

Another team that I did not see last year did not use two wrenches to support their cube lifter. The open ends of the wrenchs were not used to support the upper ends of the lifter creating an interesting pivot point. :rolleyes:

Not allowed to use the VEX trophy’s either, even though they are the perfect size to scoop up the green balls.

Yes last year I saw a team who used a wrench to knock off cubes from on top of the goals at the CSM tournament, and also, at the tournament we hosted one team mounted one of their trophies onto their push bot.