Are we allowed to score flags on the other alliance's side?


I’m writing up our code, and I was wondering if we are allowed to shoot balls at the other alliances flags ex: we are red, near the end of auto we back up to the line, aim towards their flag (toggled for blue), shoot, hit, and toggle it for red.
I’m planning to have the scouts take note of opposing team’s autonomous, and we can deploy this special code when we know they will hit the top flag on their side.


Seems OK by my reading of <SG3>. You might want to check the Q&A, though, as the GDC might see <SG3>'s interactions with <SG7> differently than how I read it. Toggling flags with cross-court shots seems to be within the limits of expected interaction between robots in autonomous, as the flags on the middle pole are unquestionably spots where robots might have conflicting interactions in autonomous, so flags appear to be fair game. <SG3> by my reading appears to be largely aimed at reducing the viability of “our autonomous isn’t as good as yours, so we’re just going to ram you in autonomous” strategies.


Seeing auto() is 15 sec and you have 6 other easier targets - curious why you’d consider this? PsyOps?


The purpose of the autonomous line is to help prevent ram autons. However, If you are able to score on the opponents side without being on their side, it is completely legal.


If we have the capability to flip all flags in our favor at the syart of the match all we have to do is defend.


You can toggle flags on the other opponents side during driver controlled but you cannot during autonomous.


There’s no rule stating this. If I can hit the shot from across field I could toggle those flags.


You are able to shoot cross field in autonomous.


Where are you getting your information from?