Are we allowed to take discs out from the opposing alliances low goal

Just a question . . . .

Any question that has the words “are we allowed” can be answered by reading the game manual. As you read the game manual, keep in mind that the manual tells you what you are required to do, and what you are prohibited from doing. The manual does not discuss game strategy.

What rule in the game manual makes you think you cannot remove discs from your opponents low goal?


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That being said, I think this thread from earlier will be of some aid.

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Do you have this pinned to your clipboard or something? You must have written that sentence

dozens of times.


I have a document of “common answers” which I copy from. That way (once it’s updated) I can easily include the link to the game manual.


Yes you can, at worlds they answered some of the top questions and this is one of them. There is no restricted zones when it comes to the driver part of the competition.