Are we allowed to use rubber strings in VRC competition?

Hello everyone,

I knew we can use any commercial #32, #64, and 117B rubber bands according to the R7 in the game manual. However, can we use long rubber strings? I was told that many teams used 16/32 rubber tubs, or 1/8 thick rubber strings even in the world championship. But I could not find the related rules in the game manual.

We need to use a long stretchy string for our catapult design, and it’s very annoying to connect multiple #64 rubber bands for that.

Thanks a lot!

I believe the long rubber strings you’re referring to is surgical tubing which you can purchase from the Vex robotics website. You will see that it is a legal V5 part.


Thanks a lot, I found it here

So, I guess the hollow tubes are allowed, but the solid elastic strings are illegal.


That is correct, you may use the surgical tubing or the appropriate rubber bands, but other elastic strings are NOT allowed.

Especially as per this recent Q & A.