Are we going to get a debugger for Pros?

It’s quite difficult to figure out were my program is braking. Without knowing what part of code it’s running. Does anyone know of a robotics repo I could look at to figure out some code structuring technics. My project feels like having a tower of 20 cubes stacked on your head.

PROS already has debugging facilities.

while printing data to the serial interface can be useful, there are certainly cases where having more information would be better.

fortunately, as of kernel 3.2.0, we have added the ability to get a stack trace when a memory permission error occurs, whose addresses can then be translated into filenames and line numbers.

I will be writing a tutorial with pictures on how to do this at some point in the near future, so keep an eye out for that.

There are actually a bunch on github, which you can find by browsing the pros tag or the vex-v5 tag.