Are you actually only allowed to use 8 motors for V5?


When i told my friends about the 8 motor only rule they didn’t believe me. I just wanted to confirm that it is true. (I cant find the thread that says 8 motors only) Thanks in advance.


Yes, they have 2-2.5x the strength. Here is more information
Motor Details
Using this game as an example, there are many teams with something similar to 6 motor drive trains, 2 motor goal lifts, 2 motor lifts, 1 motor translational lifts, and 1 motor intakes. Applying the new motors, it would be feasible to make a 4 motor drive train, 1 motor goal lift, 1 motor main lift, 1 motor translational, and still have 1 motor for the intake. This still have more strength throughout the robot! Teams may still look for less subsystems, or ways to make passive intakes.
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I’ve heard that it’s closer to 2-2.5x? What’s accurate?


Paul Capioli stated the 8 motor restriction during the Cortex > V5 transition in the following thread.

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The current 393 motors run at 4 watts. V5 motors will run at 10. This equates to 2.5x power. We’ll have to see for sure though once we actually get our hands on the motors. I’ll probably be doing my numbers using 2x just to be safe.


2.5x is reasonable; believable. You are definitely safe using your 2x number.