Are you allowed to have motors locked while having your robot inspected?

My team is wondering if you can have motors on when getting your robot inspected because we have a shooter on our robot and when the brain is off it is too tall but when we have our brain on and in our program we can make the shooter pull down and hold and when its in that position it is within the height limit.

Your robot has to fit the size constraints without motor interference, as that’s how it will be when the game starts while the field controller is in disabled mode


Just add a ratchet on your shooter

What @Nik said about powered off.

I’ve seen teams thread a ziptie BACKWARDS through arms to hold them in place. When the match starts the motion of the arm is enough to pull the ziptie apart and let the arm move. You just need to make sure the ziptie does not fall off the robot.

Remember to thread it backwards, I’ve seen a team that set this up, got excited, put the tail into the clasp the right way and effectively attached the arm down for the entire match.