Are you allowed to hoard a neutral mobile goal with a modified robot during the autonomous period and the driver's control period?

my team had the idea to make a robot with 2 claws, with the main claw on the front, and the 2nd claw keeping possession of a neutral mobile goal, and a convertor belt system connecting to the 2nd claw holding the neutral goal. now, I am aware that some opponents will try to steal the goal that we are holding. could this be bending the rules?

Careful with your terminology. What you are describing is not considered Hoarding based on the rules in the game manual. If your robot were to (unlikely) meet the definition of hoarding during the autonomous then the referees would call it but grabbing multiple goals during autonomous does not meet that definition.

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If you are in possession of the mobile goals( i;e, the goal moves through the transfer of energy through your robot), you aren’t hoarding the goals. Hoarding is defined by placing more than one goal in a corner of the field and obstructing access to them. Also this in VIQC tag instead of VRC.


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