Are you allowed to "pin" cubes into a corner?

I recently heard of a team planning on bulldozing their opposition’s cubes into a neutral corner and then actively “guarding” them, an act that sounded a lot like “pinning” them to me except these were cubes, not robots. So I’m curious: are there any rules against trapping cubes into a corner like that? :cool:

Only rule relating to cubes being herded in this manner is about pushing them into the 3 skyrise adjacent tiles. In neutral tiles this is legal.

Strategically its hard to take enough cubes out of the game to justify a whole robot. Cubes are big and there are 22 opponent cubes but its legal to do.

No, not that I know of
As long as it’s not a protected skyrise corner, this is a legitimate strategy.

Edit: Tabor wins

Interesting. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Is this “team” you “heard of” your team? :smiley:

We had a team in NZ try this at a recent event, perhaps not actively “guarding” quite as much as they could have. It expanded horizontally a little bit in order to herd lots of cubes but the process was quite slow so had little impact on the match. Lots of friction between foam tiles and cubes.

Not yet. :slight_smile:

Is it legal to trap robots in their own protected area using a wall bot?

As long as you leave then enough room as specified in the “trapping” definition and you don’t directly interfere with the skyrise building (which is a little grey) then yes.

If confine them to those three squares and leave some gray foam between you and the corner, it should satisfy both of these.

Great so rather than 3 cubes its more like 5. Thanks for the clarification.