Are you allowed to print versa hubs since they hold the flex wheels in place?

we have a few flex wheels but we don’t have the acutal versa hubs. could we 3d print them for our competition even if they have no acutal effect durring the competition game?

Read the manual. If you can’t find anything, use control F.

If you are VEXU then yes, if you are VRC then the answer is no.

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3D printed license plates are allowed in VRC, however you may not 3d print any other “parts” unless you are in VEX U. Also see this Q&A Parts Shortage: 3D Print Parts from VEX CAD Files? : Robot Events.

That is not allowed. However vex has a thread on how to mount them.
I would also suggest trying polycarbonate versahubs.

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This has been covered in the Game Manual and Official Q&A, as well as discussed in the forum (search VERSA HUB).

Please read these resources carefully as the response is clear.


They have a massive effect if they are driving your flex wheels. No 3D printing is allowed other than the few exceptions noted in the game manual.

Check the VEX Library at, you will find an article on ways to drive flex wheels without using hubs.


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