Are you allowed to use vex IQ parts on a V5 robot for compeitions

we do not have flex wheels for our robot or any other solution. can we use a plastic roller from a vex Iq kit instead?

Does it say if said part is VRC or just vexIQ on the website?

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For answers about what is allowed, I would recommend reading carefully the Game Manual - it is pretty clear as to how to determine which parts are permissible. Moreover, VEX product pages will indicate whether a component is VRC legal or not. In general, there very limited components you can use from the IQ product line.


No. The website will say if a certain part is iq, vrc, or both.

From memory, only parts in iq that are vrc also are metal shafts, 1x1 connector pins for license plate, and rubber shaft collars.


You also now get IQ chain and sprockets

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No you can’t use things that are outside the comp but still vex related. You can see everything that you are aloud to use on the vex website. They have a section that gives you a list of parts that you are able to use.

This is true for IQ, however for V5 there is no legal parts list. IQ chain and sprockets specifically were recently made legal for V5. It is juat those parts that are now legal, not all IQ stuff.

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