Are you learning C?

I am:)Its very interesting.I would recomend Practical C programming by O’Reilly books

i did some C in an online course over the summer. i can do some basic functions, but nothing too complex.

I learned C in 1989 with an earlier version of this book.

The C Programming Language
by Kernighan and Richie

This is, in my opinion, the best C programming learning book ever written. There are things with microcontrollers that are not covered but this is a book on pure C.


Ray Moore

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EasyC… Its your friend if you don’t have time to learn C… I am by no means a programmer but in easyC I can do just about anything you can do and in probably 1/4 the time.

easyC is a very good editor to learn the api with, but it is incredibly annoying to write code in it. I have no idea how the whole software system works. Could someone tell me how to set up an actual c editor?

I edit C with any old text editor. Usually vi in linux. It’s the rest of the system that gets complicated, the build process and all. EasyC encapsulates the build process so you don’t see much of it. I am guessing you use windows so check out the mplab software. It does a little less encapsulation and gives you a lot more control over all aspects of the build process. The forums have lots of information on that.


Ray Moore

Get Moose and Squirrel!

My copy of “The C Programming Language by Kernighan and Richie” is the ANSI version shown in the Link above…

It is the best ‘C’ book, for describing how the Language works, and strangely enough was written by the Author Himself of ‘C’.

The one downside is that the Reader is expected to know how to Program, and explicitly states in the Book that it does not teach you how to program, just how ‘C’ is used to program in comparison to Pascal and ForTran or in General Concepts.

I use linux to but why use vi when vim is better?

I have Unix but i think it is also in linux:

What about pico?

It is a nice complete text editor

what is also in linux?