Are you paid to Coach?

I’m looking for some data about how much schools pay their robotics coaches so I can ask for a stipend for our coaches. If you’re comfortable giving me a range, along with the grade and number of students and teams you coach, it would be much appreciated. If you’d rather PM me, I will take all identifying information off your data and repost here. Also please include an example or 2 the stipends at your school for athletics coaches for comparison.

Here’s one I’m making up

Teacher A coaches 4 middle school teams with 4 students per team. He has 1 meeting per week for 2 hours. He gets $250 per semester. The soccer coach at his school receives a $500 per semester stipend.

Thank you for your info. I feel rude for asking, but I’m not sure how to figure this out another way.

I do this as an elective in middle school. I have 20 teams in 4 sections and in a club. I get about $600 as a supplement for doing the club on top of my regular salary.

Thanks so much!

Not a paid coach, but there are some in the district I’m in, they get ~700 for the season. (1 Oct to mid March and three events)

I’m a local engineer & father of two now-high-schoolers. I coached for 4 years, but my boys are out of middle school, so I’m only an EP now.

I paid lots of money to do it. Earned $0.


Loved your response Steve. I’ve not added it up but I am in the same boat with you. Not only did I get into what I think may be common for many coaches and end up spending $$$ but I find that as an EP can also put quite a dent into the wallet although I know the RECF doesn’t want it to be that way. Don’t see things changing any time soon as it is getting harder and harder to find sponsors or grants for existing programs.

I got paid $300 for the initial 3 days of training, then everything else I have done has been on my own dime. I hold one to two practices a week afterschool, occasional Saturday practice and pay for all of my own travel expenses for tourneys. In the end, I am out money lol.