Arizona State Championship

Congratulations to all the teams at the AZ State Championship yesterday!

ALBA, the Automata-Lemon Bot Alliance won VEXU with a convincing victory over BUFF, 39-12, then 40-6.

The high school division was won by 127C Lemon Bots, 2114X Brother Bots, and 8800 Phoenix Lights, beating 2114Z Team Da Vinci, 5090A Radio Active, and 6030 Knights in an intense battle. Finals 1, the 3rd alliance with 2114Z, 5090A, and 6030 won with a devastating 1-42, but 1st alliance came back with a clean sweep 42-0 and 34-14 in finals 2 and 3.

There were 2 double qualifications in the High School division, so 8452A Stripped Gears and 127A Lemon Bots also qualified through worlds through skills.

The middle school division was won by 8337A Tigerbots and 8452C Modulo Zero, beating out 8801A Cortex Crew and 8801B Cortex Crew Too, 38-13 and 46-3.

So 8452A and 8452C will be going to worlds, excited to see everyone else there!

I’m excited for worlds, It will be an interesting championship!

I don’t have any videos of the finals, unfortunately. If someone else does, it would be great if you could post them here.

Worth noting - we lost Finals 1 because we had to put our bot (127C) in, but we had a short-circuited motor wire which was causing everything on our power expander to die. So we didn’t really contribute much in eliminations, because we couldn’t find the issue in time, but I think we proved our worth in qualifications. I’m just upset that we didn’t get a chance to compete in a very competitive Finals match. I’m also disappointed in the quality of VEX motors. The grommet and external portion of the wire on that motor were in immaculate condition, yet somehow the insulation INSIDE the motor was worn away and the red and black wires were touching. It’s okay, though, because we learned something new and got the win, even if our alliance partners had to do it for us.

Also, we surprisingly got Excellence. That was weird.

@puzzler7 Excellent profile picture.

RIP any chance we had , our judge was playing candy crush while interviewing.

Hey @puzzler7 ! I didn’t realize you were on the forum, it was cool being on your alliance yesterday, I think we really could have had a chance in that quarter final if everything would have went right.

Not much of a surprise when they accidentally put the slide with your name up during the judges award.

Do I look as cute as @JustinM?

I very much do not want to give myself too much credit, because I can’t imagine myself on the same tier with the best teams in the state. But, we played a qualification that was more or less a 1v1 against 2114Z. For the first 45 seconds, until our drive died, we held our own. I feel like if our robot had worked, we might actually have won the quarterfinals. But then again, that’s a difference between the best teams and the worst teams: their robots work.

Yeah, and a lot of people probably just thought I was really cocky when I started walking up as soon as they said “1…” I wouldn’t expect to win Excellence except when, as I told Justin, “Your Excellence Award is showing!”


Guess I’m the worst. :stuck_out_tongue:

yay my bot is lemon tier

Well a lemon does refer to a REALLY bad car.

Congratulations to all the teams who qualified! Look forward to seeing you all there too!

I’ll post my videos of HS finals unless anyone has any objections.

I’m expecting big things from our Arizona teams at world’s this year

pls no finals 1

But honestly, there’s not a good reason to post it, wasn’t very competitive.

Also, if people want to see my robot when it was actually working, I posted a good qualification match against the only other undefeated team (2114X) on my channel.

I’d like to see. Didn’t really have a great view at the event.

I will upload what I have later tonight. My angle wasn’t great either, but I was close.

I will just blur your robot out of the Final 1 video OK :smiley:

That would actually be hilarious, please do this.

ALBA looked amazing.

Agreed. Does anyone have any full matches for VEXU in general? I didn’t get a chance to watch much, and only have a video of the first 3/4 of Final 2 (which I will post if no one else has any video (and if ALBA is ok with it)).

Edit: ALBA is planning a reveal, so I will wait.

I have video of our matches. Almost all were clean sweeps (we went for skill points which is why you see non-zero scores for the opponent). Here’s one competitive match, the other competitive matches were against ALBA, which I’ll post after their reveal.

I’ll make and post our reveal by the end of this week (before I go back to school and once again have 0 time), then we can dump all our match videos. Thanks for holding off everyone. It’s not like our robot is a big secret, but it makes the reveal a little more interesting that way.

PYRO had a great robot and performed awesomely.
I’m jealous of your auton

Thanks! I honestly don’t know what team you are on, but I’m sure you looked amazing too!