Arizona State Championship

Honestly, it seems like Arizona is one of the more competitive regions in the US this year.

And ALBA was amazing at state. I was skeptical of the design at first, but then I realized I only saw half of it working…

What is your YouTube account I would like to see the videos thanks

For highwayman

I’ll post them on here as soon as they are online. Also it will be on vimeo because youtube is controlled by communists. :stuck_out_tongue:

Finals Videos

Unfortunately both alliances had problems in finals (127C’s shorted motor and 2114X’s overheated lift due to getting caught in F1, 2114Z tipping in F2, and 2114Z’s lift getting caught on its base somehow in F3), which made all the finals matches much, much less exciting than they should have been.

Anyone who wants to see these teams play each other at their best should go watch the first finals match from Fountain Hills a couple weeks ago

Final 1 127C & 2114X vs 2114Z & 5090A 127C pixelated upon request to hide its shame, complete with dramatic background music

Final 2 2114X & 8800 vs 2114Z & 6030

Final 3 2114X & 8800 vs 2114Z & 5090A


That video makes me sad. It was such a great match until SHORT CIRCUIT!

Video of our robot working: