Arkansas state Competition world slots confusion

I am a team member from 5691 B and we competed in Arkansas state competition on March 7th.

As to my knowledge, if your state has been given 4 world championship slots, they are usually 1 excellence and 3 tournament champions as stated in this document.

Robot events says only 2 teams are going to the world championship. The excellence and the design award. I’ve noticed that the Arkansas state vex robotics championship event page has been changing a lot (awards section)before the event. In the morning of the competition it said that 1 excellence, 3 tournament champions, and had middle school excellence awards(we don’t have enough teams to have a middle school division). Then after a couple of days after the scores were uploaded on the website for our state comp, the awards section was changed (Did not show anything about middle school and showed only 2 teams going to world championship).

Brief history:
this is arkansas’s third year doing vrc
1st year- 1 excellence award winner went to worlds
2nd year- 1 excellence award winner and 3 tournament champions
this year- was suppose to be the same as last year but robot events says only 2 teams are going.

I talked to Bruce Lazarus ( who was in charge of the event) and he said that there will be 4 teams from Arkansas going to world championship.

When they were giving out awards nobody mentioned who was going to the world championship, we all assumed that it was the excellence awards winner and the 3 tournament champions (just like last year).

So our other HS team 5691W and our middle school team 1338B were not happy when they saw the robot events page and saw that they were not qualified for the world championship:(.

Our mentors have been contacting officals incharge of the event, but they’ve given us no concrete answer as to if 5691W &1338B is going to world championship.

That is why I decided to post this issue on the forums, so that an RECF/Vex official can tell us what is going on:confused::confused::confused:

Arkansas only has 2 WC spots this year, according to this document (page 3). The sheet also outlines how WC spots are supposed to be divvied up when a region has 2 WC spots - 1 for Excellence and 1 for Design.

Obviously, I can only speculate why Arkansas has lost spots. We (the forum) did an analysis earlier in the year and all regions had fair representation given the number of teams from each region last year.

I think you may have missed the second document of the middle school spots. Arkansas has two middle school spots going to worlds. So a total of four teams will progress to worlds from Arkansas - 2 MS and 2 HS.

Here’s the MS doc

Both are referenced from here:

Your state ran a combined event so I did not see MS and HS broken out. Was there a middle school design and middle school excellence awarded but not posted to robot events? I also do not see skills scores posted from the event. So maybe something is up int he publication of data up to the main server.

Arkansas may have been awarded some other spots due to growth this year but I don’t know where that list is published. Check with your RECF rep to see what the final Arkansas tally and spots are. I’ve heard of one more spot added, not 2. So most likely it is the MS spots that need to be considered.](

Same here. I know Minnesota originally showed 5 spots, but ended up getting 6.

It sure looks like the OP’s state has 2 spots for HS and 2 for MS, which unfortunately for them would mean the winners of the event do not qualify.

I know it can be frustrating when the way in which World’s spots get dished out changes, but its going to happen when VEX is fairly new in your state. I know here in MN, two years ago we qualified for Worlds by winning the State tournament. But last year winning didn’t qualify us. We had to win the Excellence Award, which thankfully we did. This year, we got enough spots to let tournament champions, excellence award, design award, and programming skills all go.

I heard back from my mentor and he said “after the event the AR RECF state rep selected the top driver skills scores submitted by middle school teams and gave them the design and excellence spots” (though not listed on robot events). The officials sent out invitation to world championship to 2 middle school teams selected from the driver skills scores. Nobody ever mentioned anything about middle school teams being selected from the driver skill scores at the event to go to worlds. :confused:

The MS Doc states that the middle school design/excellence award winner qualify for worlds.

Another weird thing is that we (5691B) are the state champs, won design, won driver skills(40), and were 1st in the qualification rounds but still did not end up getting the excellence award (not of the biggest concern at the moment)

And no programming skills were run by the event (was suppose to).

Correct me if I’m wrong, but if there’s 2 MS and 2 HS spots, then wouldn’t the winners of HS and MS excellence and design (that’s badly worded lol) get the spots? It would go to skills if there was a double qualification, but that would be unlikely given no one in the finals would double qualify.

Yes, that’s what it was suppose to be, as defined by these two documents.

RECF representative at our state competition.**no **

Were Middle School Excellence and Design awards given at the event?

No but the issue was resolved. We are taking 2 HS and 1 MS team to world championship. See you at worlds :cool: